Preparation time: 20 mins
Fermentation: 3-4 weeks
Makes: 6-7 70cl bottles

This rhubarb fizz is a drink I brew every year without fail once the Rhubarb is coming at us thick and fast. It requires very little ingredients or effort to make yourself some delicious booze, for free! It’s not quite as strong as champagne or Prosecco, but comes in at around 6% vol and has an impressive colour and unique flavour. There is no yeast required as that occurs naturally in the rhubarb, but for this reason be sure to use either champagne or prosecco bottles that are reinforced to prevent them exploding whilst fermenting.


  • 2kg rhubarb
  • 1.5kg caster sugar
  • 5 litres of water
  • 7 Champagne/Prosecco bottles
  • 1 bucket


1Take your rhubarb, leave the skin on but chop roughly into inch long pieces and transfer them to a pre sterilised bucket along with the sugar and water, and mix until the sugar has mostly dissolved.

2Cover the bucket with cling film, and leave at room temperature for 5 days giving it a quick stir once every day or so with a clean spoon.


3After 5 days the contents will have begun to smell slightly alcoholic, and may be fizzing a little. This is good, as means fermentation has started. At this point simply strain off the liquid through a muslin cloth, and transfer to pre sterilised champagne bottles.

4Put a cork into each bottle with a corking devise, and be sure to strap the cork down with wire or cable ties to prevent it popping out as the drink continues to ferment and develops its fizz.

5Leave the bottles at room temperature (but not too cold, around 20c) for 3 weeks and then its ready to go!


6Serve chilled in champagne flutes.


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